Presidents Message

I would like to report that Shipmate Joe Fresquez was transferred to the staff of the Supreme Commander on June 6, 2017. Many of you knew Joe and Arlene from past reunions. He was a faithful reunion goer and always good with the Sea Stories. We will remember Joe in our hearts.

I attended his services today in Brighton, CO with all his family and friends. I gave Arlene a big hug and she wouldn't let go. She is well and has plenty of family around to take care of her. I told her if we ever get the final reunion planned she was going to be there, even if I have to buy her a plane ticket and hotel room.

Joe and Arlene could be counted on to help with things like ships store, getting reunion stuff from point A to point B. Joe could be counted on to manage the beer supply. All-in-all this couple will forever be in our hearts and minds for what kind of people they were(are) and what they did for the USS Markab Association.

Bill Hanzel
President, USS Markab Association

We note the passing of our shipmate Joe Fresquez on June 6 2017. Click the link below to see a slide presentation of Joes' life.
Link to Joe Fresquez Obituray

Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) information

To anyone who needs help with PTS here is a link get you there. These are people who are dealing with PTS everyday. I have heard them speak and I even feel some of the things they go thru. Contact them if you or a friend are dealing with PTS. They can help.
URL: www.solidredconcepts.com
Email: info@solidredconcepts.com
Phone: (910) 263-4042

The USS Markab has been added to the VA's list of ships operating in Viet Nam.
To check the list go to the Ships in Vietnam, Agent Orange

Agent Orange/Blue Water Navy Bill Introduced

Rep. Chris Gibson (N.Y.) has introduced the "Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act" (H.R. 969), which would clarify a presumption for filing disability claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for ailments associated with exposure to Agent Orange herbicide during the Vietnam War. The bill was introduced with 131 original co-sponsors. Congress should recognize that so-called "Blue Water" veterans who served off the coast of Vietnam were exposed to Agent Orange herbicide. This bill authorizes presumptive status for VA disability claims associated with Agent Orange exposure for this group of veterans. Shipmates are urged to use the Action Center action.fra.org/action-center to ask their Representative to support the "Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act."

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