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I am sorry to have to make this announcement.
Due to the age of many of our shipmates, the cost of travel, hotels etc;
There will be no more reunions.

The website will continue to exist with news and information as I receive it. Please inform me of any deaths among our shipmates so that they can get proper recognition on the memorial page.

I have enjoyed our time together and the many "Sea Stories" that transpired during our reunions. I would like to thank all those who have given their time and effort to help plan the reunions. (Paul & Sharron Beyer, Ed & Marie Slaney, Joe & Arlene Fresquez).

But most of all I want to thank Ida McCollum for helping me work my way into the job. Ida thank you for all you did.

I hope we can meet up again soon. Until then may you all have
"Fair winds and following seas"

Bill Hanzel, President USS Markab Association