September 2007 to July 2008

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Posted 7/1/08
I was aboard the Markab from 1963-65 in the Pattern Shop. I would like to receive dates and places of future reunions, plus any other news I may be entitled to. If you need any additional info, please contact as below:
Jerry M. Johnson
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Posted on 7/1/08
My dad was James J. Farley Jr. and he served on the Markab as an EM2 in the late 50's. Pop died in may of 1994, after surviving a massive heart attack two years prior. In his last two years, he went hot air ballooning, para sailing, sky diving and many more adventures with my wife and I and finally got his liberty call in the Pacific when we took him to San Fran and all over California. He did two months before he was to go white water rafting with Shirl and I. Found out later that he needed a heart valve replaced, but refused to think about it before his rafting trip that July. Thick headed Irishman till the end! My pop always had a story about funny things that happened aboard ship. The one that sticks out the most was when he and his shipmates tried to ferment prunes into alcohol above one of the bulkheads but it exploded. They spent their liberty time re-painting the shop for that. I believe I have the picture of the motley crew. It seems they have more paint on them than the ship did. I was wondering if any of the gentlemen on this site served with my pop. If so, thank you for your service to this country and keeping my pop out of trouble. At least till I was born. I miss my pop a great deal and would appreciate any memory or story ya might have. Still have pop's uniform blue's, except for his cover, I think my idiot brother wore it to a costume party and lost it years ago. My dad was a big Notre Dame Football fan as are all five of his sons, but when they played Navy, well that was different. Go Navy, beat Army! Hope to hear from you. Thanks again.

I must be half asleep. Robert Farley again. Sorry, I told you my dad served in the late 50's. He served on the Markab during the Korean war. Once again, sorry about that. I have twin girls at home and work nights, so my mind wanders at times. I emailed you a minute ago regarding my pop James J. Farley Jr. Thanks again.

Robert L. Farley
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Posted 7/1/08
First and foremost I want to greet a pleasant morning.. I hope that you will give me a little of your time while reading this message. I am Delson Mc Donald from Philippines a long lost son of Mr. Hurley Mc Donald a Black American.. As I have heard my father was once a crew in your company the (USS Markab AR-23). He left us when I was a kid since then we never heard from him anymore thus, sir I want to take this opportunity if you can give me some information to where I can find him now. I am hoping for your favorable response. GOD BLESS YOU and MORE POWER.

Sir,if its okay with you can I ask please the names of the beneficiary of Mr. Mc Donald in your file.. his veterans affair no. is 29-544-101..we tried to look for him in the intelius web site but we cannot locate him on the address you gave me. if you have time sir please send me the address of the persons so that I can communicate with my relatives there.. hoping for your favorable response.

Krista Jane Mail to:

My Response (Bill Campbell): The below description was taken from the USS MARKAB Cruise Book for 1968. The Ship started its tour on June 24, 1968 through December 20, 1968… Listed in the Directory I found Machinist Mate First Class Hurley Mc Donald who was in the “M” Division. According to the cruise book he lives in Alameda, California. I hope this helps you.. OUR TOUR IN THE PHILIPPINES Our longest repair period (14 weeks) was spent at the U.S. Naval Base, Subic Bay, Island of Luzon, Philippines. This was expected, since this is the major repair port for the ships operating with the Seventh Fleet in the Vietnamese theater. We remember the frantic tempo of repairs as the ships of the line hove into port, remained but a few days, and then returned to action. One of the highlights of our effort was the arrival of the newly re-commissioned battleship, NEW JERSEY—which moored close-by MARKAB. Having such a long stay here afforded us many opportunities to see some of the Philippines' very interesting attractions. Everyone who went on the Pagsanjan Falls tour had a pleasant weekend; Manila, the growing metropolis, had many sights; Baguio, a lovely mountain resort in Luzon was a choice place for relaxation; and Corregidor Island of WWII fame, provided a historic sightseeing trip. We also were able to lend a hand by taking part in the People to People Program. We distributed Operation Handclasp materials to the Olongopo City Hospital (whose patients we hope were made a little happier by our visit), and to St Mary's Academy in Bacolor (whose response by the teachers and students made us feel our efforts were worthwhile).

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Posted on 7/1/08
Enjoyed looking at the Markab AD 21 pictures on the web site and the other information. I served on the Markab as a Yeoman in the sick bay from Dec. 1945 to June 1946. Do you know of any other Navy veterans from that era? I go aboard at Kagoshima Japan and went to Shanghai China and returned by way of New Orleans and was discharged June 1, 1946. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who served at that time. Thanks.

James Schwarze, 13071 Hwy 212 Glencoe, MN. 55336

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Posted on 7/1/08
I read in the July issue of the American Legion magazine that a Markab reunion is scheduled for this October. I was a BT2 when I transferred to DD-657, having been aboard since 12/52 when she was taken out of mothballs in Orange Texas.

Kindly send me information about the reunion. Some of the men I remember are; Spencer, Doolin, Hess, Drexler, Wheeler, Blomme, Anderson, Nevill, Poling, Lodge, Griffin, Bishop, Hoagland, Butler, Jenson, Yarrison, Bradey, Stenhouse& Vail. All were B- Dovision personnel.

You can also reach me at 920-882-9223
My address;
Dave Plank
3119 Selma Ct.
Appleton Wi. 54914
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Posted 4/11/08
Hi everybody:
Have you heard of the HONOR FLIGHT NETWORK? Honor Flight recognizes American vets for their sacrifices and achievements by flying them to Washington, DC to see YOUR memorial at NO COST TO YOU. Top priority is given to WWII vets from all wars at this time, later it will be expanded to include Korean and Vietnam vets.

Guardians fly with the vets on every flight providing assistance and helping vets have a safe, memorable and rewarding experience. For further info, Please contact them at (937) 521-2400 of visit them at The web site has an application you can complete and send it to your region. I'm sure that phone listed will instruct you which region is yours. My application was sent to; Honor flight, Inc. ATTN: Veteran application 300 E. Auburn Ave., Springfield, OH. 45505-4703

I have been pre-approved to fly out of Chicago-Midway on June 11, 2008. It's a 12 hour action day leaving very early and returning that evening. Guardians will be made available at 1 per 3 vets. Buses will be waiting for us at DC when we arrive. Spouses cannot accompany the vets. Spouses cannot be guardians to vets. I must provide my own transportation to the airport.

Ted Tusinsky

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Posted 3/27/08
Hello, Shipmates !! Thank you for writing. I plan to attend the 2008 reunion. I had a wonderful time at Cocoa Beach. Saw John Challinor for first time since 1945-46 and met his lovely wife, Pam. After the ship moved from Japan to Shanghai Feb 1946, John bought a camera and made pictures on the Markab and ashore. He and Pam shared them with us in Cocoa Beach.

Best regards.
Say Hello for me to your Brother.
Your Shipmate,
Carl Archer (45-46)

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Posted January 1, 2008
I stumbled upon your web site the other night and was quite surprised. I was stationed aboard the USS Markab in 1966 and did one Westpac cruise aboard her. I was a Radioman (they don't even call it that anymore). It was good duty. I remember the first time I had to send a message via Morse code and how nervous I was. There was sunspot activity and we were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and couldn't use the teletype. There was around 5 people sending code on the same frequency and I remember turning to the petty officer in charge and asking him "what do I do now"? He told me to send our call letters and listen for them to come back and remember the tone. Surprisingly, it worked. Funny, I still remember the call letters - NBTX.

We also had to send out an urgent message one night, while we were in mid-pacific alerting them that we had a cracked hull. Fortunately things held together until we were in calmer weather and they welded the crack up or something.

Another time on the way back to Subic Bay from Yokuska our prop shaft bent and I remember falling asleep at the desk on the mid-watch and being awakened to general quarters. We were dead in the water and a freighter was bearing down on us and wouldn't turn. It finally turned at the last minute but I was kinda nervous for a moment wondering how warm the ocean was. We were towed into Okinawa by an Army tug and spent a week. I remember how beautiful the water was there.

I remember a bunch of us took a train to Tokyo while in Yokuska and when we got back that evening there was a anti-nuclear demonstration going on outside the main gate. I guess they found out a nuclear powered sub or carrier was due in. The train station was only a block from the gate if I remember right and we headed strait for the fence and inched our way toward the gate. The Japanese were making jestures toward us and shouting something in Japanese but they never touched us. I'm glad I didn't know Japanese although I can imagine what they were calling us.

Another time I was coming back from Tokyo and got on the wrong train. I couldn't speak Japanese and couldn't understand what the conductor was trying to tell me. Fortunately at the next stop the conductor found a couple of Japanese nuns who spoke English and they got me on the right train and told me when to get off.

I also remember going through the outskirts of a typhoon on our way to Yokuska and being fascinated how the bow of the ship would plunge into a wave and come up in a huge spray of sea water and foam. I thought it was fun. Another time we had to ride out a typhoon tied to the dock so we could protect a destroyer who's boiler was in the middle of being repaired and couldn't go out to sea to ride out the storm. It was interesting seeing the Markab rolling while tied up to the dock.

I was a Christian at the time and kinda strayed away from the Lord and took to drinking but I remember standing along the railing with a bad hangover after the third drunk and feeling the Lord telling me "that was kind stupid wasn't it". I thought about how I had acted the night before and agreed with Him. I haven't gotten drunk since. When we got back to San Francisco I was transferred to a remote communications station in San Miguel Philippines where I spent the last year and a half of my enlistment. I think the Lord moved me to somewhere where I would stay out of trouble. It worked.

Here's five pictures I scanned: three from my cruise book and two from slides I took looking over the stern between Hawaii and Subic Bay. I'm in the lower line, the third from the left. (These photos will be in the 2008 Notebook at the Reunion in Colorado Springs, Colorado.)

E-mail me: Bob Hawkins

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Posted December 29, 2007
The purpose of this e-mail is to ask your assistance. Did MARKAB ever have a patch while she was AD-21? I am a navy veteran with a hobby of navy ship patch research and collecting. I would appreciate the opportunity to purchase an authentic USS MARKAB AD-21 jacket patch for my collection. Look forward to hearing from you.
Enjoyed the MARKAB site. Respectfully yours,
Frank A Jackson Jr
139 Circuit Ave
Weymouth, MA 02188
USNR 1968-1974 AMS-3
USN 1980-1984 ABE-2
Email Frank: Frank A Jackson Jr

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Posted December 21, 2007
My father Jack Wilson Patterson served aboard the Markab between 1950 and 1952. He passed away on June 5, 2007. I miss him and all that he stood for. He was proud of his service and was a life long member of the VFW.

Email Shawn:Shawn Patterson

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Posted December 17, 2007
I was aboard the Markab 1969 and decommissioned her of course the same year. I have a copy of The Order Of The Mothball from 1969 when I help decommission her. She was my first active duty assignment. I think I was in Supply at the time. I had just talked about string for DK when the word came through the engines were not seaworthy so we would take her to Mare Island for decommissioning.

I received a copy of the Order of the Mothball (12/27/07) Navy Seal
Click on the Seal
I am excited that The Markab Reunion will be so close to Westminister, Colorado. I will make plans to attend as soon as we get the dates. Oh, by the way, I have designed a mug through Tell me what you think.
Pastor Bruce Heil.

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Many of you do not know that a "Plaque" has been placed in the Chester Nimitz Museum in Frederickberg, Texas.
 Visit the Museum -  This plaque is dedicated to those who served aboard the U.S.S. Markab with a short history, dates and other interesting comments.

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Posted December 14, 2007
Although I never went to sea on the USS Markab I did a lot of work in her shops and thru out the ship ... at least those areas still in use when I was aboard. This was while she served as the offices, shops, messing and berthing for the Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility (Mothball Fleet) at Mare Island, CA. After that closed up she was scrapped ... always a difficult scenario for those who served aboard a ship. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy many more productive and healthy years until the Lord is ready to take you home.

Email Steve: Steve Newbauer

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Posted December 13, 2007
I received the following articles from Dan Sill:
    Plan of the Day:
  • Saturday, February 17, 1945
  • Wednesday February 13, 1965
  • January 2, 1963
  • July 5, 1962

  • Roster of Repair Division:
  • June 1964 to February 1965
  • February to September 1966 with all Ports of Call
Copies of these are available. I'll try to get them posted on the web site, however, they are large documents. Dan also sent me pics of the covers of the 1962 & 1964 Cruise Books.

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Posted December 13, 2007
I have a copy of The Order Of The Mothball from 1969 when I help decommission her. The file is too large to send through hotmail and I can send you a copy by mail. I could also bring it to the reunion since I live near Denver. I am excited that the '08 Reunion will be in Colorado Springs.

E-Mail Me: Bruce Heil

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Hi Everybody,
It was 42 years ago today 12-11-65 that I first reported aboard Markab. She was at the Alameda Naval Air Station, and departed for WestPAC in February of 1966. We came back to Alameda in September 1966, and made another WestPAC cruise beginning June 1967.

We steamed back into San Francisco Bay on the night of December 16, 1967 after some terrific winds all that day. We took some 40+ degree rolls, and water ran thru the passageways outside my office in the library. I got pictures of the Captain’s Cabin- looks like a bomb went off inside. Captain Charles Gibson was Commanding Officer at the time – he was not a happy man.

I transferred from Markab in February 1968 for Staff Duty at INELANTFLT in Charleston, SC.

E-Mail me: Jerry Bassett
YN3 (at the time), Chaplain’s Assistant
PS: Jerry sent a photo of Markab AR23 plaque:

Markab Plaque

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Posted December 4, 2007
If one of you have the Group Shot from the 2007 Markab Reunion would you scan me a copy and send it to me. I want to post the Group Picture on the web.

Email me: Bill & Janice Campbell

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Posted December 1, 2007
I want to thank Ted Tusinski for the 2007 Markab Reunion CD photos. They arrived today. Good Job!


Bill & Janice Campbell

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Posted November 26.2007
The only reunion I was able to attend was in 1998 in Cincinnati, Ohio. I kinda wish that there had been more attendees from the time I served on the Markab. I came aboard June 1953 and stayed with her till she was decommissioned July 31, 1956.

When I attended in 98 Reunion I left an album of stuff for the time I was aboard. My son who retired from the Air Force in 2005 asked me about the pictures I had shown him many years ago and I said I no longer had them. What a shame he said as he would have liked to keep them for me. Also I have a wallpaper site with a few pictures from various sources. One is Wm. Campbell Sr. who was on board at the same time.

If there is any way I could get it back I would be very grateful. I started using the computer in May 2007 and being retired now I can visit so many places. I moved from Michigan Nov. 05 to Russellville, Missouri which is in central Mo.. Our son lives in Illinois, about three hours door to door. He was the main reason to move here. We love it here. The people, weather and scenery are all terrific. It beats the heck out of the cold Michigan winters.

Kinda wish I had lived here when you had the St. Louis reunion. Where is the next one? If you are able to locate my album let me know the cost to send it and I will send the money. When I was at the 98 reunion there were only two or three from the Korea time there.

Here is my address:
E-mail me: Neil Hammack

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Posted November 19.2007
Colorado Springs is a great choice, a lot to do there. Focus on the Family would be a good tour, especially if it is set up in advance. I think they would give special recognition for military retirees, especially in an election year. Air Force Academy is a wonderful tour, we've been there several times. We missed going this year, to busy, but trying to wind down for retirement and they just won't let me. Going to have to just do it.

Email: Paul & Sharon Beyer

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Posted November 16,2007
The news coming out of the 2007 Markab business meeting is: Wally & Loraine Marquis have agreed to host next years (2008) reunion in Colorado Springs and Phil & I (McCollum) have agreed to continue on in our positions with one exception: Ron Reason is going to take over the newsletter writing. That is a big relief for me as I never can come up with information to share with the group that matters to them and Ron has experience with the ship and also with writing newsletters.

Wally and Loraine

NOTE: Wally attended the September 2009 reunion in Detroit and transfered to the Staff of the Supreme Commander the end of October 2009. Our condolences go out to Loraine.

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Photos of Markab
Hello Markab Veterans: I was going through some old family photos & came across several (Official USN) of a visit by families (or possibly Orphans) made to Markab some time in the early to mid-1950's when my father (Lt (jg) Richard A. Watson) was part of her crew. I would like to share them with members of the USS Markab Assoc. If you are interested in these photos, please let me know where to send them and I will be only to happy to send the originals to your Assoc (with copies of the ones that I plan on keeping for my own family.)
Yours in Peace; Richard A. Watson, Jr.
USS Orion (AS-18) Storekeeper 1983-1984
USS Barney (DDG-6) Storekeeper 1984-1986
Member: Adams Class Veterans Association (ACVA)
Member: USS Barney (DDG-6) Association
Member: Tin Can Sailors, Inc - The National Association of Destroyer Veterans
Member: USS Orion (AS-18) Veterans Historical Association

Richard Watson Jr

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Posted November 12:2007
Many thanks to Ed & Marie Slaney (53 - 56) for hosting the 2007 Markab Reunion at Cocoa Beach, Florida this past week. It was a perfect time of fun, fellowship and delicious foods. We enjoyed an evening at the Dixie Crossroads Restaurant in Titusville where Seafood was at its finest. A Representative from the Audubon Society brought an American Bald Eagle to display and inform us on many of its traits. A great presentation and photo shoots.

On Friday the Shipmates spend the day at Kennedy Space Center. This fully guided tour of NASA was not only informative but gratifying. The tour included the vehicle assembly building, space shuttle launch pad, Apollo/Saturn V center where we enjoyed a lunch.

Bill & Janice Campbell

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Posted November 11, 2007 - ARLINGTON, Va. (AP)
Vice President Dick Cheney paid tribute Sunday to veterans of the Iraq war, honoring them for keeping the United States democratic and free and hoping "they will return in victory." In a 10-minute Veterans Day speech at Arlington National Cemetery, Cheney said soldiers from World War I to "the current fight against terrorism" have served their country valiantly and "above all they kept us free at the land we call home." Free to live as we see fit, free to work, worship, speak our minds, to choose our own leaders," the vice president said. "May the rest of us never take them for granted."

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Posted September 20,2007
I'm looking for anyone who served on the Markab from 1966 to 1968... I am searching for witnesses that we did in fact set foot in Vietnam, sometimes it was Liberty in Vung Tau and sometimes it was going ashore for supplies. I was in the Supply Division and worked in the Ship’s Store. I have developed Diabetes and the Vets. Association will pay for my meds if I can locate a witness who will state that we did in fact go ashore in Vietnam.

Ernie Burlile
Civil Rights Investigator
Idaho Human Rights Commission
(208) 334-2873 Ext: 231
e-mail me: Ernie Burlile